Apex Legends: A hype of the year after PUBG

Apex Legends being the new meta these days after the Playerunknown Battlegrounds a Battle Royale game of 100 players competing to be the number 1 team.
Apex Legends is a team battle royale game with having 3 players competing for the Apex Champion title.

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Apex is actually a great game with great map and obviously what it differentiates is the Game Sense.
It has different characters known as legends where they have their own unique skills and have different gadgets to help them with their game styles.
It feels like they have a own personality with a own unique style, there are now 9 characters with their own unique abilities and play-style.

And the Second most unique things are the guns they have a unique set of guns which give a unique feel to the game and the game play with different attachments and unique skins are also available for the guns as well as the legends.
There are different points also given for laying with friends and so on.

Now there is a battle pass that has come up for the players for getting more cosmetics and skins and the word by Respawn Entertainment is that u can earn back the amount u spent in game again by playing.

We will come to know soon how long the hype of this game runs, whether respawn and EA will able to manage the Game and keep the hype going or will it be having the same fate as Playerunknown Battlegrounds which is able to be seen now.

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