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So a new Teaser was out about the new season and we came to know about two New Operators Warden and NØKK for the Y4S2 known as Phantom Sight and this will be known on May 19. So let’s break down on these two new characters

Coming First is NØKK shes an attacker operator and looking in that video what seems to be seen is that she can blend in the environment and search for her opponents like a phantom and kill them. Looking into this video it shows that she can go invisible similar to vigil but I guess she isn’t visible to the eye for a certain duration.

The Image also symbolizes the gadget is on her left hand to go invisible for a certain duration as well an attacker with those skills can’t wait to play.

The Teaser of NØKK is here:


Next is Warden a defender operator with a watch and spectacles looks like a guy from a MIB movie though in that form but his gadget seems to be the watch and his spectacles.

Looking at the video what is visible is that he can see through smoke his spectacles and the watch can trace the location of the opponent like show a direction where he is, the possibility is that he’s able to locate the direction in the smoke and see through his spectacles. Feels like a serious guy with a suit and a unique gadget can’t wait to try out them soon and get a full understanding of them.

The Warden Teaser is here:


The Phantom Sight full reveal is on 19th May at the Pro League Milan cant wait to find out The links for the video are below the teaser of both operators.
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