Apex Legends Season 4

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The new Apex Legends Season brought a lot of changes in the game with a new legend and a bit modified map with a new gun the Sentinel.

Let’s start with Revenant, a guy even data miners got shocked of as it was forge that was supposed to be released but Respawn Entertainment announced it was a fake created to fool all data miners. Well the story video where revenant comes and kills him was a big surprise to the fact. As you can see the video.

Well, so Season 4: Assimilation came to light with revenant of his story to the trailer where he goes to kill his target and there was a little girl that was saved which is due rumored to be the new legend named Loba. That’s for the later time story so Revenant came to light a crazy character with crazy skills as well.

The launch trailer

Well, the trailer was crazy enough for the story to tell. Revenant has been a crazy character but the skils arent that overpowered as such.

Well, Revenant Skills are good but it’s on the skills of how you plan to use it.
Well for his passive the stalker skill allows you to walk faster and climb higher. A skill is pretty useful for sneaking up on enemies.

Silence is a tactical skill where it blocks others using their ability for 30 seconds. A pretty good skill which makes a play change totally.

The final ability is still a question mark why its because it’s a totem where ur armor is disabled and u return to the totem once u die as death protection. Not very useful in open space but yea it is pretty handy in building situations.

Overall opinion a great season and the map is even more epic. So let me know your thoughts at the bottom as well for Apex Legends Season.

To read more: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/season-4

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